Walk-ins are welcome We accept limited reservations for up to 10 guests maximum. To make a reservation for up to 10 guests please use the reserve link or visit resy.com Your entire party must be present to be seated. Reservations are held for 10 minutes past the reservation booking time, then the table is released to other guests. Due to the limited seating capacity, seating time is limited to a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes per table. We are asking for your courtesy in allowing others waiting to be able to enjoy as well. All reservations are confirmed for our indoor dining room for the time, date, and amount of guests listed only. We will try our best to accommodate seating requests however we cannot guarantee. All reservations are individual. We do not combine reservations or guarantee that individual reservations can be seated together. Our patio tables seat up to 5 guests. If there are more than 5 guests in your party and you are seated on the patio you will be seated at separate tables next to each other. 18% service charge/gratuity is added to checks of $100 or more (combined or split). Roc South will split a parties check a maximum of 4 ways and accept a maximum of 4 forms of payment per table. We provide complimentary valet parking